Pocket Potions are here!

Do you sometimes feel as if you need an entire team of therapists at your beck and call all day?

Wouldn't you love to take a deep breath and feel the way you want to feel at any given moment?

How much easier would it be to face life's little challenges if you had constant access to your mentor, your best friend and your hairdresser? Pocket Potions provide similar levels of emotional support, in the form of beautifully scented subtle aromatherapy.

Luxuriously packaged, eminently portable and small enough to fit in your pocket - these slim, stylish rollerballs are set to become your new BFF's.

Did you know your smell receptors and your emotional memory centre are situated next to each other inside your brain? This is why smells can transport you to another time and place so easily.

I've made it so you can "hack" that emotional link with the amazing, but little known power of "Subtle Aromatherapy" to help manage your mood as you go about your day.

Subtle Aromatherapy utilises the vibrational properties of essential oils to adjust your energetic frequency and bring you into alignment with how you want to feel. I've created a series of five stunning synergies to help you get through whatever life throws at you with my

Pocket Potions

Emotional Support in the form of portable, wearable, divinely scented Subtle Aromatherapy, luxuriously packaged in  stylish, sleek rollerballs.

The original five Pocket Potions by Karen Quinn in a box


are a bit like having an emotional entourage at your beck and call,
but without the noise and expense, or the risk of alienating your friends ... 

Meet the team

Slumber Wonder

The Sleep Therapist


Slumber Wonder Pocket Potion by Karen Quinn FragrancesRemember when your favourite grown-up tucked you into bed, read you a story, chased away the monsters and gave you a kiss before bedtime? Slumber Wonder evokes that feeling, so turn out the lights and close the (soundproof) door on the midnight mumbles of your mind monkeys with this soothing synergy of calm and quiet. Sweet dreams….

Contains: Frankincense, Myrrh, Clementine, Lavender and Roman Chamomile

Frankincense helps quieten mental chatter and deepen the breathing. In this blend, I've asked it to dance with it's most ancient partner, Myrrh. Myrrh embodies the divine feminine, helping you feel nurtured and secure. I've brought in the soft, sweet energy of Clementine to comfort the inner child, which in turn hold hands with another historic pairing and breaks the ice between the two couples.  Lavender is well known for its ability to balance and soothe the spirit and joins well with comforting and relaxing Chamomile. The subtle interplay of this simple blend of complex oils helps ensure a good night's sleep.

Focus Pocus

Your Creativity Coach


Focus Pocus Pocket Potion by Karen Quinn Fragrances


Focus will help you send procrastination packing, ditch the dithering, get into your zone of genius and let your concentration and creativity flow with this lively tag team of oils for inner strength and clarity.

Contains: Pink Grapefruit, Frankincense, French Cypress, Black Pepper, Clary Sage and Ylang-ylang.

Pink Grapefruit and Black Pepper relieve mental fatigue and clear space in the mind. Frankincense is grounding and calming yet uplifting and marries well with French Cypress to boost mental and emotional strength and problem solving skills. Clary Sage and Ylang-Ylang combine to release tension, thus promoting clarity and creativity.

Comfort Blanket

The Therapist


Comfort Blanket Pocket Potion by Karen Quinn Fragrances


The one that will get you through life’s difficult moments without needing a lecture on gratitude or a half-day recovery on the sofa. If stress and worry are following you around, or if you’re feeling nervous about a something you have to do, or deal with, shore up your aura with this sweetly scented hug in a bottle.

Contains: Sweet Orange, Rose Geranium, Myrrh, Vanilla and Chamomile.

Sweet Orange and Rose Geranium are firm friends and create a joyful sense of security and stability, reducing self-doubt and relieving tension. Myrrh, Vanilla and Chamomile relieve anxiety and bring a sense of calm and tranquility.

Awesome Sauce

Your personal cheerleader!


Awesome Sauce Pocket Potion by Karen Quinn Fragrances


Awesome will help you banish doubt and light up your inner awesome with this aromatic and uplifting seasoning for your soul.

Contains: Cedarwood Atlas, Palmarosa, Rose Geranium, Clove Bud, Sweet Orange, Jasmine and Cardamom.

Cedarwood Atlas and Palmarosa create a tower of strength on firm foundations of serenity. Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange reduce self-doubt and promote a joyful sense of security. Clove and Cardamom combine to promote a dynamic, forthright and inspirational sense of self. The whole blend is bought together by the ultimate confidence booster, and diminisher of fear that is heavenly Jasmine.

Fluster Buster

The Anger Management Consultant


Fluster Buster Pocket Potion by Karen Quinn Fragrances
When you need more dazzle and less frazzle, more road and less rage - when you need to stay on the same page as someone you'd really rather not be in the same building as - Fluster will help you keep a cool head in a crisis and ensure you're lucid enough to behave appropriately and state your case coherently.

Contains: Patchouli, Palmarosa, Petitgrain, Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Sweet Orange, Neroli and Clove Bud 

Patchouli is both grounding and uplifting, and generates an aura of assuredness. Palmarosa facilitates connection with your higher self. Roman Chamomile is sweetly calming, and when combined with Sweet Orange and Neroli, brings out the charm and elegance within. Vetiver is grounding and deeply rooted and is the perfect foil for the bright green notes of balancing Petitgrain. Clove adds a delightful warmth to unite these unlikely friends.

Slumber Wonder pocket potion in a box

Five vials of pocket Potions by Karen Quinn

All pocket potions in a box

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