Whatever your aromatherapy question, Personal Potions can give you the right answer.

The first time I ever smelled a drop of essential oil (it was English Lavender) I felt like my soul had come home. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply from a spill stick and I swear I could feel every cell in my body breathing a sigh of relief that, finally, I was in the right place.

Since then, it has become my mission to share the beauty and benefits of essential oils with as many people as possible. Essential oils have a powerful affinity with our bodies, as they are made from the plant life that we share our beautiful planet with. They have a complex molecular make-up and some of these molecules are so small, they are capable of passing through the blood/brain barrier, which is why they are so useful for emotional support.

I like to blend oils for the longest lasting effects, so I consider molecular size and weight as well as the known properties of an oil to achieve this. For example, Bergamot is known as a happy oil, but it's very fleeting because it's a top note. The effect is similar to giving a crying toddler a helium balloon. They will cheer up, but the moment they let go of the string, the balloon is gone, along with their fleeting good cheer! I blend my oils so that they will stay put for longer - the blending equivalent to tying that balloon to the toddler's wrist.

However, it's not JUST about molecular weight because that would be dull, wouldn't it? There's subtle aromatherapy, which is all about the interaction between your energetic self and the energetic vibration of the oil. This vibrational aspect is what helps you into alignment with how you want to feel. Last but not least, there's artistry. I see essential oils as my own artist's palette. I create moods rather than paintings, but my aim is still to generate an emotional and spiritual reaction and create a connection with you.

For many years now, I have been working with clients to develop healing aromatherapy blends tailored to their unique situation. Personal Potions is where you get direct access to me and my 14 years of aromatherapy experience to get to the heart of what YOU need. Whether that need is physical, emotional or spiritual, I can create and formulate an effective blend to help you, and will then deliver it in a safe, wearable, portable and easy to use rollerball.



Karen Quinn Fragrance
Personal Potion Consultation


Once you book in for your session, I'll send out a health questionnaire for you to fill in in advance of  our call. On the day of our call, We'll talk for 30 minutes via video call to design the wearable essential oil blend you need to address whatever challenge(s) you are currently facing.

After our call, I will personally hand-blend your Personal Potion from my extensive range of oils, making absolutely sure it addresses everything you need it to AND smells divine. Your potion will then be gift-wrapped and despatched to you within two working days.