Whether you’re celebrating an achievement or a milestone, or just “because” - you can work with me over several months to create an exclusive custom blended fine perfume that captures and embodies the essence of YOU.


Karen Quinn Fragrance


I work with clients on a 1:1 basis to create a custom blended perfume designed to express who you truly are. It’s an absorbing experience that involves a deep-dive into your happiest memories, takes a simple snapshot of where you are now, and offers a lovely opportunity to connect with your highest and best self.

Bespoke Perfume



We’ll discover what you would love to project to the world using the elusive and evocative power of scent. It’s such a wonderful thing to develop a beautiful perfume that tells your story for you, encompassing all your complexities, characteristics and multi-layered stories in a one of a kind fragrance that’s uniquely you.

The Bespoke Perfume Experience is all about YOU. We start with a detailed questionnaire, designed to help me understand what’s important to you. I will analyse your answers and develop a “mind-map” which is a visual depiction of the elements that will be included in your perfume.

Once the mind-map is complete, we’ll schedule a Skype call (or you can visit my at-home Atelier if you’re close enough) to talk about the various elements that will make up your perfume. During this hour, I’ll get to know you better and through our conversation we’ll ensure all the facets of your story are represented and will come together to create a beautifully wearable perfume.

Next we have the creation and review period. Newly mixed perfumes take time to “settle” as new molecular bonds are formed, so some waiting is involved on this part of the creative experience - but you will get to evaluate and try up to six samples created from your personal mind-map and feedback.

Finally you will make your choice from the final two samples and your bespoke perfume will be decanted by hand and individually labelled for you.

Karen Quinn Fragrance


NOTES: You can reorder your fragrance for £80.00. Your investment includes free shipping in the UK. For countries outside of the UK a charge for shipping will be quote prior to shipment depending on where you live. You will receive a 50ml bottle of your Bespoke Perfume.

Karen Quinn Fragrance
The Healing Room


This ultra-special offering combines my two most luxurious offerings into one extremely special package by weaving together The Clarity, Connection and Cleanse Healing with The Bespoke Perfume Experience. It enhances your self-confidence and brings ease and clarity to your communication with others in perhaps the most beautiful form available.



After you’ve completed the detailed questionnaire that helps me capture, and then tell, your story in fragrant form, I create a mind-map based on your answers. At the start of the review session, we will work together to quickly and painlessly clear any toxic or negative energy in your aura through a guided meditation and visualisation exercise. We then review the mind-map, looking at the stories behind the stories you’ve told, often with a clarity and joy you won’t have experienced since childhood.

As the perfume design process moves forward, we talk again to ensure you are happy with the fragrances, we try out different blends of the different components and find the perfect balance. If we can’t find that balance, we adjust the components a couple of times, until we can. The aim is to create a scent that makes your heart sing. Ultimately, this fragrance will anchor you to the clarity and happiness you felt at the end of our questionnaire review session.

During the time we work together, we have two further healing sessions (of one hour duration) which will include messages from your own spirit guides and a lesson in how to connect to Source energy for yourself. It is up to you if these sessions are combined with talking about your bespoke fragrance, or taken closer together nearer the beginning of the process.

Finally you will make your choice from the final two samples and your bespoke perfume will be decanted by hand and individually labelled for you.

Karen Quinn Fragrance

It is my aim that at the end of the time we spend working together, I effectively give you the essence of your best self in a bottle. I truly love doing what I do because it is my belief that the confidence and joy that comes from wearing a bespoke fragrance which both publicly broadcasts and privately reaffirms everything you love about yourself cannot be overstated. I want you to have that feeling, every day.

The price of this exclusive package is £899


I've been working with perfumer, aromatherapist and healer Karen Quinn Fragrancing to have my own bespoke, entirely original, fragrance created. And today the samples arrived! I was actually nervous even though I've been involved all the way along and knew what I was expecting. Nervous, and very very excited.

I am loving getting to know my scent - I think I know already which is The One - but I'm not rushing into it.

PS. I love working with Karen! She takes you and makes you more you and makes you and your whole life become real in the form of fragrance. Yup. She's an alchemist. And incredibly fun and good and easy to spend time with.