Scent is a bridge to long distant memories.

A waft of scent, carried on a summer breeze, can transport us back to a moment in time as fully as if we'd walked through a magical portal. Suddenly we're anchored into where we were and how we felt last time we smelled that particular aroma, and we're connected instantly with the people and places which will forever have a space in our heart.

Karen Quinn

I'm Karen Quinn and I'm a Modern-day Alchemist. I bought together my professional skills as a Clinical Aromatherapist and Perfumer and my life-long natural abilities as a healer.  My work has its foundations firmly in the area of perception, whether I am working with fragrance or energy, or (more usually) both together.

How you perceive the world and how you are perceived by others is influenced by the state of your energetic field and it’s my job to help ensure your energetic field is vibrating at the right frequency to connect you with your highest and best self.

To do this, I use the principles of subtle aromatherapy in my work, tapping into the vibrational qualities of essential oils to aid healing, promote wellness and bring you into alignment with how you want to feel, as well as giving consideration to how you want to be perceived by others.

I see fragrance design as an art form every bit as important and expressive as painting or music and I take huge pleasure in creating a fragrant portrait or symphony for my clients. To me, essential oils are precious drops of pure magic. I harness that magic to create products with the intention of bringing joy, serenity and beauty to those who come into contact with them.

Essential oils hold so much potential for good in each tiny, magical, drop when blended and used correctly. The powerful effects of plant essences on the body and mind have been recognised and used for aeons to heal, purify, revitalise and refresh.

I'm on a mission to bring the benefit and beauty of real essential oils back to the forefront of the world of fragrance and perfume and to help people experience, understand and feel the true meaning of "Aroma-Therapy", because when created with love, skill and care for the ingredients, fragrance is not JUST fragrance...

...it's a gateway to your emotions, memories and dreams.

Karen Quinn Fragrance